Limited offer: DRUM TAO “Special night” bus tour, only for 10people!!

On October 14th (sat.), we will exclusively invite TAO FAN CLUB members to the DRUM TAO “Special Night” bus tour (Arrival and departure from Fukuoka) for free!

This is a special bus tour that includes “DRUM TAO performance and fireworks at Kuju Flower Park” held at Aso Kuju National Park and “Skyward Stage” Live show at the Open-air theater TAO-no-Okal!

At the Special night event, We have arranged VIP seats with a dinner box included. Please enjoy a relaxing evening and a delicious meal.

↓↓Please application from below!↓↓

*we will contact you regarding acceptance or rejection by email.
*Please be aware that this tour is a monitoring tour, and we kindly request your cooperation with photography and surveys.

TAO Culture Promotion Foundation
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VISIT Kyushu Co., Ltd.
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