Notice of changes in the operation of the Open-air Theater “TAO-no-Oka”

Thank you for always supporting us.
We would like to notify you that there will be changes in business hours, etc. regarding the Open-air Theater “TAO-no-Oka”.

First of all, regarding the implementation of the Open-air Theater TAO-no-Oka “Skyward Stage Live performance” in case of rain.
If we judge that it is dangerous to hold a live performance at the theater due to rain or wind, we will cancel the live performance.

If the live performance is cancelled, we will perform indoors instead, so please enjoy a special live performance.
For indoor performances, up to 53 people (8 of whom will be standing) will be able to attend on a first-come, first-served basis at the time of reservation.
Even if it is difficult to hold a live performance at “Skyward Stage” due to rain or wind, you may still enjoy the spectacular view of the outdoor theater.
Of course, you are allowed to take photos.

Inside TAO HOUSE, there is an exhibition of costumes designed by Junko Koshino that the members actually wore on stage, as well as candid photos of the members, photos from the time of TAO established, and a chronology and videos that explore the history of TAO. You may enjoy it even on rainy days.
We also have merchandise limited to “TAO-no-Oka” at the store, we hope you stop by.

Furthermore, the business hours of “TAO-no-Oka” will change from 26th April.
~Business hours after changed~
Opens at 12:00pm, closes at 4:00pm

Additionally, the Cafe in TAO HOUSE will not be serving food for a while.
Drinks are still available for purchasing.

“TAO-no-Oka”, a scenic natural landscape, cannot avoid the effects of nature.
On a clear day, you can enjoy TAO’s music along with the endless sky, magnificent mountains, and a pleasant breeze.
We look forward to seeing you at “TAO-no-Oka”.

The TAO Cultural Promotion Foundation
TEL +81-(0)974-76-0950
(11:00 AM to 6:00 PM *Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesday)